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Code: AFX2


W: 112cm (44.1")H: 80cm (31.5")D: 2.5cm (1")

AQUA FLORA X  N°2  | Archival Chromagenic Photographic Print | Diasec Framed
Edition 12  (Bespoke sizes available)

Diasec® mounting is a time proven system that has set the benchmark for face mounting photographic and fine art prints. Developed in the late 1960’s Diasec® was the first system that allowed photographs to be bonded directly and permanently to acrylic sheet.

Diasec® panels are backed with pure aluminium sheet, reinforcing the rigidity of the finished panel. Giving a beautiful profile when viewed from the side. The aluminium back also enables us to attach one of our bespoke pure aluminium sub-frames that allows the artwork to hang on the wall without a traditional picture frame